The Science

APT is leveraging the exquisite specificity and potency of phage to treat multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial infections.

It is now known that a single phage strain can generally infect only a single bacterial strain. Thus, in contrast to antibiotics which are effective against many different organisms, a purified phage strain is limited, but highly effective, against the strain of bacteria it can lyse. If bacterial resistance emerges in response to the initial phage administration, APT is able to rapidly identify a new phage that is effective against the mutated strain. This process can be continued until the bacterial infection is cured. No conventional antibiotics can be developed to deal with bacterial resistance with such rapidity.

APT’s methodology was previously not possible as it required breakthroughs in several areas including: genomics, virus purification, high-throughput automated phage-bacteria matching technology (HRQT™), and years of phage collection by the BIological Defense Research Directorate of the US Department of Defense.